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  • Development of new willow varieties

    European Willow Breeding have since 2011 been breeding new salix clones from well defined parental clones. The 4 new varieties that has been produced will be available for sale 2013.
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  • Willow cuttings is being planted

    Willow is being planted in form of cuttings, with help from a 4-rows planting machine. The capacity is around 1ha per hour.
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  • Harvest with BioBaler

    Willow is harvested with a BioBaler by Anderson. The machine chops, chrush and bale the willow in one go for a more efficient handling of the biomass afterwards. The capacity is about 0.25 ha/h which gives roughly 20 bales a´500kg.
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European Willow Breeding AB (EWB) is a newly established company, owned by three persons with long experiences of the willow market. We will develop new varieties of willow in Europe for different climatic regions and for certain purposes. In profitable terms the plant production and sale will be licensed to interested parties all over Europe. The first varieties will be marketed in 2013. New varieties are then gradually created and released to be hand over to our license partners. Bas-material of rooted plants has been sent out to our license partners already this spring.